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Plate 38

The question, "where should we eat tonight", has many variables. Are there any happy hours or daily specials around? Will our young daughter be joining us and if so, will she be welcomed or will people give us dirty looks? What style of food sounds good? What kind of drinks do we want? Do they have brunch? How much is this going to cost me? The answer and solution to every one of these questions has been Plate 38.

Ribeye steak with crispy brussel sprouts



Union is a small, farmer's market to table style restaurant in Old Town Pasadena, California. Chef Bruce Kalman was the winner of Chopped (season 13) on the Food Network. He is an expert with charcuterie, pickled/ fermented foods, and fresh pasta. His cuisine is diverse but generally Northern Italian and Mediterranean.


Vertical Wine Bistro

The Vertical Wine Bistro in Old Town Pasadena, California is an upscale, classy wine bar and restaurant serving one of the best seafood platters in Los Angeles.


Linger Eatuary

You better make your reservation now because Linger is a very popular place (for good reason). Located in the Highlands district of Denver in the former Olinger Mortuary, the name and sign were cleverly altered into Linger Eatuary. The old stainless steel medical charts from the mortuary are now used as drink menus. Slightly morbid, yes, do I care, no because the food and drinks are so damn good. The genre is described as global street food and is similar to a tapas bar meaning they offer a large variety of small plates mostly in the $8-10 range. The menu is divided into categories such as, Americas, Asia, South Asia, Africa and The Middle East, Europe and Eurasia.

Linger8

The Summit Restaurant at Shangri La

Located about an hour and a half northeast of Tulsa on Monkey Island - Grand Lake, The Summit Restaurant at Shangri La is well worth the drive. It is located on the top floor of the newly designed clubhouse for the Shangri La Resort and Golf Club, which I’m told is one of the nicest golf clubs in the state. It has a warm, rustic, mountain lodge-like charm with dark, rich wooden beams traversing the ceiling. Tables, surrounded by large, over-stuffed leather chairs situated beneath beautiful chandeliers greet you at the top of the tall stair case.

P1010056