Golf, Wine and Dine

Tallgrass Prairie Table

Farm-to-table has become a generic term used by every restaurant that has any of the following on their menu- grilled asparagus, heirloom tomatoes or a fresh egg on top of a burger.

However, Tallgrass Prairie Table has a completely different and much more respectable definition for this term. They source nearly all of their ingredients not only from farms, but predominantly from small, family-owned, sustainable, organic, Oklahoma farms. They have actually partnered with some of these farms in order to mutually benefit each other and simultaneously gain input into which crops are grown, which chickens are raised and how they are raised. The farmers deliver food multiple times per week, depending on what is in season. The farmers also pick up organic waste from the restaurant and return it to their farms as food for the animals which in turn creates fertilizer. The circle of life people, it’s the circle of life.


The Rusty Crane

The Rusty Crane sits right on the cusp of the Brady and Greenwood district, across the street from the ONEOK baseball field. This place is known for having one of the best patios in Tulsa. It is also a great place to watch the Friday night fireworks during the baseball season.

RustyCrane-1

The Tavern

The Tavern is a prohibition era style restaurant with some of the best food in downtown Tulsa. They are known for the Tavern Burger and for making amazing cocktails. Despite being known for a burger, this is a high end joint which even has valet parking. Almost everything is made in house from scratch, including their bread. I would suggest making a reservation for a window table because it is a very popular place.


Plate 38

The question, "where should we eat tonight", has many variables. Are there any happy hours or daily specials around? Will our young daughter be joining us and if so, will she be welcomed or will people give us dirty looks? What style of food sounds good? What kind of drinks do we want? Do they have brunch? How much is this going to cost me? The answer and solution to every one of these questions has been Plate 38.

Ribeye steak with crispy brussel sprouts



Union is a small, farmer's market to table style restaurant in Old Town Pasadena, California. Chef Bruce Kalman was the winner of Chopped (season 13) on the Food Network. He is an expert with charcuterie, pickled/ fermented foods, and fresh pasta. His cuisine is diverse but generally Northern Italian and Mediterranean.


Vertical Wine Bistro

The Vertical Wine Bistro in Old Town Pasadena, California is an upscale, classy wine bar and restaurant serving one of the best seafood platters in Los Angeles.


Muscles and Meat

Pop quiz-

Do you know what part of the pig bacon comes from?

Do you know which muscle your favorite steak is made of?

Here is a list of some common cuts of meat and their anatomic correlations.

Bacon or Belly is composed of anterior abdominal wall subcutaneous fat and three muscles-

Transversus abdominus (deepest layer)
Internal oblique (middle layer)
External oblique (superficial layer)

Bacon is differentiated from Belly by the typical absence of overlying skin or dermal layer.



Microwaves, No Flavor but Totally Safe

There are two broad categories of radiation- ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation is radiation that carries enough energy to liberate electrons (ionize) from other molecules and therefore can alter or mutate DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

Examples of ionizing radiation- Ultraviolet rays from the sun, x-rays and CT scans.

Non-ionizing radiation is electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy to liberate electrons (ionize) from other molecules and therefore cannot alter or mutate DNA. It carries no increased risk of cancer.

Examples of non-ionizing radiation- MRI scans, AM and FM Radio waves, Cell phones, Power lines, Computers and Microwave ovens.

microwave

Spicy Dry Rub

This is a very versatile recipe for our favorite dry rub. It can be used on any type of meat but our favorites are grilled shrimp, prime rib, baby back ribs and chicken.

primeribdryrub

Poppyseed Bread

If you make this recipe, there is a good chance that you will eat it all in one sitting. It is perfectly sweet with a soft center and a crunchy glaze on the outside. It can be made into small loafs or into a bundt cake and is perfect for breakfast, brunch or even dessert.

IMG_3178